AnimalSounds Support Page


I built this application to keep my 11-month old child busy when I needed to do a thing or two (like develop apps :)). Many baby apps I found were too complicated to be used by a baby as the little ones tend to put both hands on screen and not just tap with a finger, this makes the applications behave in an erratic way and babies lose interest very quickly. This is why I've designed AnimalSounds with an ultra-simple interface that works really well with tiny hands and random-tapping babies. 

My child seems to find his way around the app easily and has literally helped me test it ! So hopefully other babies will enjoy it as well.

If you need to contact me for any reason regarding this app, I can be reached at

I've just released a new improved version to help 2-3+ year old toddlers learn numbers, animals and colors in multiple languages!! Click here for more information.